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Healthy Respect


Drop Ins


Healthy respect offers free confidential and a friendly service for young people 13+.  If you would like to chat to someone about your health, stuff thats going on in your life or if you need advice about drugs sexual health and relationship, then healthy respect offers that space to do so.


Whats on offer?


You can go to any healthy respect drop in for free confidential advice, support and information on all kinds of health issues.  This includes fitness, weight loss, smoking, drinking, stress and emotional wellbeing as well as sexual health and relationships.


If you are feeling anxious about something or even if you just have a question to do with our health, you can go to a healthy respect drop in for a chat.  They can help with just about anything if the worker you speak to does not have all the answers you need, they will let you know the best place to go or who to speak to.

Other services available at a helathy respect drop in are:


  • C Card (free condoms)

  • Pregnany testing

  • Emergency Contraception

  • Chlamydia Testing (postal testing kit)

  • Confidential information and service for young people

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