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Preston Tower Primary School


Across Preston Tower Primary School, we cater a programme based on the schools' need for community-managed projects in schools. Working with children whom the Pennypit supports through other provisions such as lunch club and family support.

The Pennypit Trust works in close partnership with the School to ensure the programme is hitting the goals and delivering effectively.



Preston Tower Additional Curriculum improves academic attainment and enhances learning outwith the classroom. This project is developed in line with the CfE outcomes. 


Our Family Capacity Worker helps to improve the links between families and the school. This aims to improve attendance and attainment with intiatives like the Walking Bus


Our PTPS Breakfast Club ensures children have a healthy and soft start to the day. This tackles morning hunger and aims to improve attention in the classroom 

Structured Play

Health & Wellbeing Sessions

School Cooking Sessions

P7 Work - Transition and Camps

"We work really closely with the Pennypit across all manners across the school. They support us hugely with our children and their families. They are always helpful and willing to chat things through and do the best by our pupils"

Deputy Head Teacher, Preston Tower PS

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