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Parental Support @ Lunch Clubs

During the school holidays while our Lunch Club programme is running, sessions are arranged for the parents while their child attends the club. 


The following are example of sessions we have ran:


  • Celebrating Self (Relaxation)

  • Citizens Advice Bureau

  • East Lothian Works   

These taster sessions are held at the Pennypit Centre where our PSG Lunch Club is located.
The sessions give parents the opportunity to come along and meet Natalie Moir (Family Worker) along with other such as Elspeth Walker (Holistic Therapist) who runs the Celebrating Self course.
The Celebrating Self course is about accepting, appreciating and loving yourself exactly as you are.  It is about discovering the real you.  It aims to energise and excite and motivate you to move forward through the highs and lows of day to day life.
Taster sessions with the Citizens Advice Bureau provide information and support for parents in the following areas:


  • Money and Benefits

  • Help with debt (Debt Solutions)

  • Income Maximisation

  • Saving on Energy Bills Housing/Council Tax

If your child attends our Lunch Club programme and you would like information on future sessions, please contact Natalie Moir on 07391848510 or at

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