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Have a look at all of our recipes. They are all free to download and easy to make at home! These are the same recipes that we use in cooking groups and when we cook for our provisions!


Soups are a great way to pack in great nutritional value including carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals. Check out our tasty recipes.

Meat Dishes

Have a look at our meat dishes from around the world. The recipes have been tried and tested at many cooking groups. We hope you enjoy

Pasta Dishes

Check out our pasta dishes - these are great to make as it is normally cheaper  but still gives you a healthy meal. Click the arrow to see them.


On this page, we will include curry recipes from around the world

Have a look at our Fundamental Foods recipe book here - packed full of yummy dishes and nutritional information

Cook Along Live

Check out our recipes we use on our Cook Along Live on a Wednesday


More yummy dishes that don't quit fit into our other categories


Veggie dishes for all!

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