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Preston Lodge High School

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We have been working in partnership with Preston Lodge for many years. This support has grown over the course of our partnership. The main aim is to improve attendance and attainment whilst also working with young people to build positive relationships with Education.


We work with School Management, Guidance and Inclusion to ensure our projects target those who need it


The programme includes: mountain biking, skiing, motor biking, snowboarding and college visits.


The aim of the programme being to develop self-confidence, leadership skills and to help prepare the young people for the future.


Preston Lodge Additional Curriculum (PLAC) works with children in the school to​ increase their academic attainment.


These pupils are offered tutors from our PLAC team to complete school work and enhance their learning to help achieve their best possible selves.


Our Friday Youth Project works with a targeted group from Preston Lodge (S1-S3). The focus of this project is to improve their relationship with the community whilst supporting learning (helping with homework and lifeskills).

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"Our relationship with The Pennypit Trust is one of the best additional resources we have for our pupils and their families. Thank you for all that you do 💖"

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