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We noticed that many kids lack the opportunity to learn to swim in the local area and some even having never been in a pool. When the kids live around water we felt this needed to change, so we decided to start providing swimming lessons throughout our lunch clubs in both Fa'side and PSG area using experienced and qualified swimming teachers. 

The aims for swimming lessons at the Pennypit Trust: 

1. To reduce the inequality gap in swimming in East Lothian 

2. To develop and educate swimmers in water confidence and safety 

3. To promote swimming and being active in East Lothian 

4. To allow the opportunity to learn in a safe and controlled manner 

Lunch Club Swimming 

This started in Summer 2018 we worked with the children to get them used to the water and have a positive experience. This has continued throughout other times of the year. The kids love the water and really appreciate the chance to be taught.


We run swimming during Summer, October and Easter Lunchclubs.


Term Time Swimming

On the success of our swimming during the Lunchclubs we started swimming lessons throughout term time so children don't lose out what they have been taught previously. This has been going well and kids have gone from crying around the water to being water confident and kicking by themselves. 

We run these lessons every week during school term time. 

Thank you to Mercat Gait Centre, East Lothian Area Partnership, Support from the Start and Swimming Development of  East Lothian Sports Development for supporting this project. 

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