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East Lothian Friendly Food Network

The East Lothian Friendly Food Network believe that every person in East Lothian should have access to healthy, affordable, and goof nutritious food. This food should be local and sustainably sourced where possible. This partnership led initiative works closely together and aims to promote dignity in practice and harness people's voices to impact real change. By working in partnership to build string relationships we can address food inequalities and tackle issues that affect food insecurity and food poverty to make a difference.

Good Food Charter

The Good Food Charter is designed to bring communities and organisations together to create a thriving, food-resilient county. We can achieve our sustainable food mission by working together and committing to their seven charter goals.

Good food is vital to the quality of our lives. We believe that the food we eat should be good for people, East Lothian, and the planet.

Check out the Friendly Food Network Good Food Charter Here!

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