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Family Cooking

The main aim of these sessions is to improve family engagement by encouraging children to work together with their grown up to cook a meal from scratch. The sessions also increase the children’s interest in food as they are encouraged to choose the recipe they want to cook and to sit down at the end of the sessions to taste the meals prepared.


The sessions run after school on a Monday for 4 weeks. We have had up to 5 families attend per block and have collected valuable positive feedback. Many of the children who attend have been particularly fussy eaters, some with sensory issues. The sessions were a fun way to get them involved with food and encourage tasting. The group has also been beneficial to signpost the families onto other groups which are available in the area.


Participants feedback:

“We have loved our Mondays together. We have both learnt so much from the group and look forward to cooking together.”

“The group has been enjoyable family time. XXX has even started eating school meals. She would always have a packed lunch before we attended these sessions. It has really helped to encourage her to taste new food and not be as fussy.”

“We had a fab time. My daughter has learnt a lot and I hope she will now start giving me a little hand at home.”

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