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Community Food Pantry

Our Community Food Pantry runs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with a Saturday Kitchen Pantry running on Saturdays also. The Pantry is open from 11am - 1pm in our Community Kitchen, behind the Swing Park on North Grange Avenue.

In our Pantry you can access*:

- Tinned food including soups, beans or sauces

- Fruit and vegetables

- Cereal

- Fresh and Frozen foods

- Pre-cooked meals

- Toiletreis and sanitary bank

- Access to Fareshare

Saturday Kitchen

The pantry is open as usually on a Saturday with access to everything included within the normal pantry service. 

Also included on a Saturday is a free, hot breakfast roll for yourself and everyone in your household. Just ask for one and we will be happy to provide. 

*Our Pantry relies on donations from the public, farehsare, and locals. We do not guarantee thet we have everything in stock and cannot hold any items for individuals. 

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