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The Unicorn Quest is an intergenerational game that will have 6 different themed mini-games. All routes will be mapped out allowing families, team and individuals to discover the local heritage of their community and each game will have different tasks to complete. Keep an eye on social media as we will be doing prize giveaways for different things like selfies.

We will be doing a Unicorn passport to which any age can show they have done all 6 games. More information about this will be released soon.

We have a Facebook Group set up for our community to keep you up to date from our Unicorn Teams. We encourage you to take funny photos and selfies - make sure to tag the trust on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and use the hashtag #UnicornQuestPans


We will dive into Prestonpans past from 16th Century to present day and look at iconic sites 

This game will include a magical quiz - these questions will be about the sites and what you can see. 

The sites that feature are:

  • Site 1: Battle of Prestonpans Viewpoint 

  • Site 2: Preston Mercat Cross

  • Site 3: Preston Tower

  • Site 4: Hamilton House

  • Site 5: Prestonpans War Memorial

Please be mindful of the current tenants of each site and respect their privacy. For example, at Site 4 observe from the street.

Here are the documents you need to get started:


A step around the coast to view the beauty of Prestonpabs

Game 2 is all about finding letters and numbers along our map. At the end of the route, you should be able to make a word with the letters and have a total number (by adding each number up). We won't reveal the answer to the public so you should fill out the Answer form on this page to see if you are right! 

Take photos along the way and make sure to tag the Trust on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and by using the hashtag #UnicornQuestPans

Good Luck

Unfortunately this route is not fully wheelchair accessible.

Here are the documents you need to get started:

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