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Homework Club

After the summer lunchclub, some of the children came up with the idea of a homework club that could help them in their studies. Taking on this idea, fundamental foods created a support network for selected children to do their work while providing a nutritious meal to aid concentration and enhance learning ability.

The homework club team is made of a university graduate, ex-professor and head girl at the local high school – this provides a vast expanse of knowledge to help the children in all areas of study. There are currently 8 children attending the lunchclub – 3 boys and 5 girls with varying degrees of attainment.

Many of the children who attend have noted an improvement in their academic achievements and are proud of their results in school such as their spelling tests and maths tests. Staff and parents have all noted a change in the confidence of all children and many children have “actually started doing their homework” since attending the club.

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