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The aim of this programme was to run a 6 -week family home learning club in Prestonpans Infant School.


The objectives were:


To support parent/carers to build confidence and skills so they are better equipped to engage with their child’s learning.


Strengthen the home-school link and support parents/carers and children learning together at home. 


Signpost parents/carers to relevant services so that whatever their needs they will be able to access the right support that will enable them to reach their full potential as individuals and as a family.


To encourage families to engage with other local educational services, such as the local library.  
Reading rocks started in May 2018 at Prestonpans infant school with a team of 7 people including a teacher, creche worker and family worker.  The club took place after school in the Early Learning and Childcare Centre (ELCC), the parents and children came in and had a quick snack together then the younger siblings went to play and read. 


The parents/carers and children read and played games  The family Worker and the teacher had spoken to the children's teachers beforehand to gauge the best plan of action. The parents and children played fun games (that could also be played at home).


The parents spoke about homework and the stresses that comes with it. They discussed that doing homework in the home environment is a real struggle for several reasons; parents were not sure what needed to be done and found it difficult, some could not get their child to concentrate and all the children found, reading, spelling sounds and blending difficult.


Every week we had Book swap where many books were donated to us by parents and teachers. The children picked a book for reading at home and picked a new one each week (to encourage reading for fun). We visited the library and signed the children up with a library card. 


The sessions started well and have continued to grow over the 7-week trial, with six families attending regularly. To help combat learning loss during the summer holidays, the family worker made up fun game packs for the children attending the club and encouraged library visits when in contact with the parents/carers.  


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