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Community Food Provision

As part of the Pennypit we like to provide our surrounding areas with Community food Provision which is made up into three main clubs.


Lunch Clubs: There are two lunch clubs one in Fa'side (Tranent) and the other in PSG (Prestonpans) where kids can come and get a healthy meal and take part in some fun activities.


Swimming Clubs : We have two clubs for swimming where kids who may not be confident with swimming can go to learn how to be water confident. One of the clubs run during the same time as the lunch clubs where kids attending the clubs go swimming first then come to lunch club. The other runs during the same time as school terms which allows the same opportunities.


Homework Club : During the school terms we offer a chance for kids who may struggle with their homework can come and have a healthy snack and receive help with their homework to help them progress with their academic level.

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